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Dare goes worldwide

Last week we’ve traveled to Kenya to shoot some great footage for ShadowView: a non-profit organization which offers new technology to stop ivory hunt. It has been a very impressive shoot and we can’t wait to show some more! To be continued…


Ain’t no mountain high enough

For our latest shoot we really went the distance: 3355m up to be precise! It involved a little hut, helicopters and painters hanging above an abyss of 2000m. Soon more!


SILVER in tha pocket!

Last Tuesday the annual Effie Awards took place in the beautiful Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. We won SILVER for the Philips Airfryer campagne, which was a collaboration of Philips, Cart, CHUNK and us! We’re very happy and so proud of this awesome award!

You can read the juryrapport here (unfortunately only in Dutch)